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Product reviews to help our day to day

These are reviews of products that may help our day to day living.

I am always on the look out for aids that can help our mood, get around, help our conditions etc...

Due to my own health problems I am needing aids more and more.  So if I find a good one I will be sure to let you know.

Bluetooth Sleep Masks £19

So I thought this sounded great, you can bluetooth music or podcasts to your eye mask and lay down and relax.

This is a also a good purchase, the eye mask is very cushioned and not too bulky and having that soothing pressure on your eyes whilst listening to some calming music in the dark is really, really good.

I find it helps me to drift off without me overthinking all the day to day stresses.  If you can afford one I would recommend this if you have a busy mind whilst you try to get off to sleep.

This may seem like an odd one but I bought one after many times thinking no I am not getting that as it is silly.   However like me if you suffer with back problems, fatigue or chronic pain it is a game changer....  I use this all the time.  In the garden it has been a life saver, been able to pic up and move all kinds without as much strain and pressure, therefore less pain.  Same inside the house when picking up after the children!!  I really wish I had got one way back when I first considered it.  So go GRAB (sorry poor pun) one next time you go out to the shop.

Grabber £4

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