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Mindfulness is getting you to think about now and not what has or may happen.  Thinking about your thoughts at the moment it's happening and dealing with each feeling in turn.

Mindfulness helps us to create space around our worries so they do not consume you.  This way of dealing with our feelings means we can explore our stress in a safe way.  I am currently trying to do this and find out more about it, so please feel free to get in touch if you have information or opinions on this subject by clicking the button above.

I was surprised to find information on this subject on the NHS, below are some websites if you wish to look further into this:

Here are some apps to try out too:  Concious Breathing, Smiling Mind and Head Space.

Breathing techniques alone are meant to be really good for you too.  When I try any of these out for a while I will write up what I thought, feel free to get in touch and let me know what you thoughts too.

Gentle hugs,

Tracey x

Mindfulness Exercises.

Mindfulness is a really great way to destress and keep a balance of your thoughts and feelings as they come along in your day.

This can take a bit of time to get it so that it is working for you to your desired level but any practice will be helpful to your mental health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness practice exercises include breathing, visualisation, muscle relaxation and meditation.  Do what suits you best and at your own pace.

Members have exclusive access to mindfulness exercises.

Starry Sky
Children Meditating

Mindfulness for Children

Aimed at children between 6-10 years old

Mindfulness for children is becoming more and more widely used.  It is getting common place in schools in the infant years. 

Minfulness can really help children in a variety of ways.

It is best with young children to keep any sessions short, focused and fun. SSF.

This way they won't have a chance to get too distracted and if it is fun they will be inclined to wan to do it again.

The hope is it will become natural to them and carry it in to their adulthood.

Mindfulness for Children

In this current stressful, uncertain and hectic world our children are suffering.

I hear other parents, teachers and myself all talking about changes in the children.  How stressed they seem, scared, fearful, sleeping difficulties and falling behind at school.

They have had so much to contend with this past two years and I think we are now starting to see the aftermath of it all.

I have done courses on Mindfulness and it is a great tool for keeping you calmer, in the present and gaining a healthy balance in your life.

It helps you to also deal with situations better and calmer than maybe you would have previously.

These childrens activities and journals are a great way to get started.  There are various ones available at a resonable cost.

Members of the site also get access to Mindfulness practice teqniques and ideas.

Cream Playful Aesthetic Fashion Product This or That Instagram Post.png

I got recommended this book and CD by an a lovely lady who I have gotten to know via my KMHS instgram account.

Fab book to get you all calm and clear minded at the end of the day.

I have done courses in Mindfulness for Adults and for Children and I really feel that most children and adults could get a lot from practising mindfulness.

Anything that will keep is calm and balanced in this currently stresful and hectic workd has to be a big plus.

Maybe once we are more content and ready for the day we will apprecate the planet and wildlife a bit more too

Bath Salts

Mindfulness Myths

Emptying the mind or stopping what your thinking.

A relaxation technique, although this can help with relaxation.

Escaping your personality.

Living without planning.

spa stones

Mindfulness IS

Recognising feelings without becoming caught up.

Identifying yourself as who you truly are. 

Living in the moment, not in the past and future as much.

Lesrning how to cultivate happiness in your life.

Blooming Garden

Benefits of practicing mindfulness

  • Circles of well being.

  • Thinking skills.

  • Your health and well being.

  • Happiness and fulfilment.

  • Self-awareness and life skills.

Introduction - 5 steps

1) Sit down at a table.

2) Look closely at a chosen object.

3) Focus on the sensations.

4) Spend a few minutues focusing your mind on what you can hear.

5)  Look back and think about what you have just experienced.

Words to aim the mind






Symbols for mindfulness practice.

Mindful Drops.

The calm surface of water being disturbed by a falling droplet.

Tips if you wish to try doing a mindfulness journal

What types of meditation?

When and how long?

When I got physical sensations how did I feel?

What thoughts and emotions did I feel and how did I deal with them?

Did I get any distractions? what was the distraction?

Write down tips that will help try to keep me in the moment.

Have I noticed any changes in my day to day?

Has anyone else noticed any changes in me?

Also remember you can use your phone to note things down too.

Very useful if your not at home or have no journal handy.

Writing on Beach
Sitting on a Bench


Calm, relaxed

Clear minded

Detached from



 Young Woman Contemplating




Caught up



Lawn Mower

Possible Causes

With someone who is liked.

With somebody who is pleasant to talk too.

Having a good day.

Feeling awake.

Feeling contented.

Enjoyable subject.

Sad on Couch

With somebody who is  disliked/stranger.

With somebody who is  challenging.

Having a bad day.

Very Tired.

Feeling unhappy.

Difficult subject.

Possible Causes

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