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Help Save The Bees

WE need them too

So why do we need to help save the bees?

Bees pollinate 75% of leading global crops, including apples, beans, courgettes, tomatoes and strawberries.

To help you can plant bee friendly plants and flowers. Wild flowers are ideal and you could even dedicate a patch of your lawn if you have one to do this too.  That way you will not have to mow it either.  The long grass also provides the bees with some shelter.

So there are a few easy things we can all do to help with saving the bees.  Create your own bee bath, get a small bowl of water and layer the bowl with stones, so that if a bee goes in they can get out and just get a drink.  Get a packet of wild flower seeds and plant them in a bare patch of soil if you have any and wait for them to grow. If you can plant some pollen rich flowers out for them to use too.

By helping save the bees you are helping your mental health too.

Wild Flowers
Help Save The Bees: Projects
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