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Poetry is a good way to express yourself, improve your mental health and give time just for you.  Feel free to share your own work. and I will put it on the site with your name.

The Robin

23/10/01 - written by a 22 year old me.

So he came into our world

A surprise one autumn day

The world outside the back door

Became his place of play

His unique song amongst the rest

His suit distinguished in the crowd

All bright and beautiful, his breast

Along he comes many visits a day

The song is heard and we look to see

A smile comes and to the window we rush

There he is on the fence or the tree

Then he bounces along the ground in search of his daily feast

The beauty of him is like new each day

Still he comes to his place of play

He wines and dines and off he fly's

We await his song in hope each day

When the seasons pass

Away he'll fly

Off he goes across the sky's

The seasons will return...

But will he?

Little Bird


23/10/01 - Written by a 22 year old me.

Born so small and reliant

Protected by all the giants

Fully grown they  become colossus

The cycle restarts and guards they become

Ears like sails of a boat

A nose so refined a tool for all trades

Footprints in the rain like miniature moats

Eyes like jewels, emotions always displayed

A tear for a loved one

The conducts of death so like our own

They always go back

To the grave we all softly moan

A family unit built up over the years

Underground rumbles

The flapping of ears

A communication as strong as their love

This beautiful creature gentle, yet strong

They feel love, hurt and pain

What we do to them is wrong

One day they will be no more

Our world missing a peace of it's core

Herd of Elephants

King of the Grass

23/10/01 - Witten by a 22 year old me.

The sun beats down

A hazy vision in the heat

The grass is still, or so it seems

Silent and cunning he feels the ground

A meal in sight

The eyes on target

He waits and he waits

The King closes in tight

Skin like the grasses

Hidden from all eyes

Elegantly he moves without a sound

A meal earned, his belly full

All he leaves behind, its carcass

Basking in sunlight, the cleaning begins

Paws busy washing

Ears busy listening

Another day passes and the globe spins

A fresh new day

Strolling begins

A female found

Impress her he must

Or alone he will stay

The birth of the young

A life starting over

On he moves

Powerfully strolling


The Anchor

11/01/02 - Written by a 23 year old me.

In the lake, his murky sea

Down in the darkness he waits

A ripple in the water, time to go

His tail his propeller to the shallow

Two eyes watching prey in his gallows

One last thrust before the kill

Jaws wide and ready

This snap today's first thrill

With failure, down he must retreat

Sink back down and face his feat

Invisible once again in his murky sea

Again he must wait so patiently

The day draws on and his hunger grows

A ripple, a sound and his senses awake

His propeller starts, to the shallows he goes

Mouth open ready, time for his treat

Snap go his jaws but he misses by a nose

The evening draws in food he must find

He waits and he waits, finally a sound

Slowly emerging like a submarine in the seas

Eyes on target like a snake he creeps

His prey quenching a thirst, so unaware

Finally he snaps, he's won a prize at his fair

Back down he goes happy at last

He hides his prize not willing to share

Night has come, his stomach full

Now he can rest anchored to his sea

Summer Items

My Super Power

Written 05/06/21

My super hero power is invisibility.

Nobody can see who I really am.

A power I don't have is good agility.

All I know is I do what I can.

Each day is so very different.

No two days are ever the same.

How many energy cells have I spent?

It always feels like an energy game.

I will not always be able to join in.

Often I don't know until that day.

Many begin to forget me, in the social bin.

Please understand that if I join you, I will pay.

Having this super power is not a special gift.

Misunderstood and judged by many on the way.

Often all this results in, is causing a rift.

Meaning I sit judged and alone all day.

Please love me for who I am today.

The same person lays within this shell.

I may be limited in my movement but at times my mind can still play.

Consider me as always for when I am well.

Tracey x

Inside out

written 05/05/21

Your mind deserves your care.

It is not always about the hair.

Looking nice ticks one box.

No point if the mind is locked.

We all want to look our best.

Feel good and be liked like the rest.

To smile from the inside out.

Now wouldn't that be worth shouting about.

Supporting one another, no stabbing in the back.

Be understanding to others giving them some slack.

Don't compare yourself to others, not such thing as perfect.

Be you and be proud, no self reject.

Tracey x

Abstract Water
Leaves Shadow

Winning Entry

21st June 2021

I've always felt so able,

I've always been so strong. 

That the term 'disabled'

Felt just a little wrong


But every day I fight this,

My silent, painful war;

Another piece of me is lost, 

 I change a little more 


My illness is invisible, 

Or that's what people say.

But if you look more closely, 

You'll see it every day.


I hope it doesn't beat me,

I don't want to lose.

But every now and then I wish,

To live the life I choose. 


Gemma Allan-Jones x

Leaves Shadow
Melting Hand


01/07/21 - Tracey

You make yourself known

Every minute of every hour

One things for certain

I am NEVER alone

It is clear you have the power


You consume my tired mind

I am chained to you and you know this

This world can be unkind


We have been together so very long

I can’t remember life before you

I resent you so much

What you have done is wrong


We are in this together

There is no way to part

My old life gone forever

You broke my strong heart


There are days you break me

I can’t cope with you here

There is no way I can be free

You are holding me too dear


The pills you force me to take

Cause me sickness and aches

A new version of me that's fake

What a tag team you make


You control me a puppet on your string

I have no say what happens to me 

I am the pauper and you the King

I must accept we are to be


I don’t know your limits and  fear you so much

How much pain will you give me

You push me now your my crutch

I don’t want you and I want to flee


I hate that I know you are with me to my end

No way out so let’s not pretend

You are part of me now and we come as a pair

Don’t cause my loved ones to feel despair


Your control stops me being a whole person anymore

The guilt of the things that I an no longer do

My worry that people will leave me burns a hole in my core


When my body stops you will no longer be

Joined to me no more

Then finally I will be free

Love Yourself


Written 13/05/22

Emotions are part of our life.

Not just when we have strife.


Let them out and let them flow.

Don't let anyone ever tell you NO.


It is good to laugh and good to cry.

When we welcome life or when we die.


When the emotions show their face.

Remember that they all have their place.

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